Motet and lespecial

The groove was strong at Brooklyn Bowl on April 27, where The Motet and lespecial delivered a night of mesmerizing music that catered to a diverse audience. The evening began with lespecial, a trio known for their genre-bending approach which melds elements of rock, electronica, and funk into a cohesive performance. Their set included tracks like “Snells Fleet,” “Repeater,” and a notable cover of Boards of Canada’s “Chromakey Dreamcoat,” showcasing their dynamic range and ability to captivate the crowd with their exploratory sounds and theatrical flair.

Beats Antique

On the evening of February 9th, Beats Antique performed at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY, delivering a show that stood out for its unique blend of music and performance art. Known for their eclectic mix of genres, the group integrated elements of cinematic cabaret and electronic music, drawing from a wide array of global influences. The concert showcased the band’s commitment not just to playing music, but to creating an immersive experience, featuring elaborate costumes, dance routines, and visual storytelling.


Galactic took over Brooklyn Bowl for two sold out nights in a row. The legendary funk band, known for their soulful song selection and electrifying performances, proved once again why they’re a must-see act in the live music scene. The insanely talented New Orleans-based band delivered nothing short of a crowd pleasing set. Each member brought their A-game, from Stanton Moore’s explosive drum solos to Ben Ellman’s soul-stirring saxophone riffs, but the real show stealer is the frontwoman and lead singer: Anjelika Jelly Joseph. 

Joy (Anonymous)

Nestled in the heart of New York City, Knockdown Center is not just a venue – it’s an architectural anomaly, and it was the perfect backdrop for Joy (Anonymous) to cast their musical spell upon a packed crowd. Henry Counsell and Louis Curran make up the DIY electronic duo bringing London’s West Bank to the rest of the world. Fresh off the release of their second EP in November, their raw talent was palpable at the mid-December show.


Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York, was the place to be on a cold Thursday night, where the spotlight was on veggi (aka veggibeats), an artist who has been making waves in the online music scene with his unique mash-ups and boiler room style performances. A Los Angeles native whose career took flight during the TikTok boom in early 2020, veggi’s videos have garnered over 200 million views. With over 1.5 million fans across platforms, we wanted to see if his online fan base could bring it to a real venue, and he was certainly able to fill the late-night spot at Baby’s All right from wall to wall.


Live music experiences are like a journey into another world, and on a chilly fall night in Brooklyn, Coco & Breezy and Thundercat took everyone on a musical ride at Brooklyn Mirage. With their unique blend of styles, these artists offered a night of unforgettable music that left the crowd in awe. Coco + Breezy, the twin DJ and fashion duo, kicked off the evening with a performance that showcased synchronization only twins can pull off. Their opening set was a mesmerizing introduction to what was to come.

Candle Room Sessions

As we made our way to the Sultan Room for the Candle Room’s 6th show, we knew the vibe was going to be great. The room’s unique ambiance, with its circular layout, was perfectly suited for the intimate experience that awaited. There was a strong sense of camaraderie in the room as people mingled as if they were at a house party, engaging in conversations about their journeys to New York City, sharing their reasons for being there. Lately, it’s felt like that “getting to know you” aspect of shows has been missing. It often feels like you’re more apart and alone in a room full of strangers than you should be when, in reality, everyone is there for the same reason – the music.


Grammy-nominated artist, ZHU, brought a celestial spectacle to the Brooklyn Mirage for three days, playing a sold-out show on Friday night. Known for his innovative approach to music and visually captivating performances, ZHU combined electronic beats and jazz rhythms with the help of a surprise appearance from special guest, Trombone Shorty. Zhu is known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music and crafting visually captivating performances and this performance matched all those expectations and more.


On July 7th, the iconic Webster Hall pulsated with infectious energy from the night’s headliner: Nurko. As groovers filled the main ballroom, excitement permeated the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance.