By Maggie Miles | February 09, 2024
📸: shot by Maggie Miles

On the evening of February 9th, Beats Antique performed at Brooklyn Bowl delivering a show that stood out for its unique blend of music and performance art. Known for their eclectic mix of genres, the group integrated elements of cinematic cabaret and electronic music, drawing from a wide array of global influences. The concert showcased the band’s commitment not just to playing music, but to creating an immersive experience, featuring elaborate costumes, dance routines, and visual storytelling.

The show was a testament to Beats Antique’s artistic journey, boasting eleven albums and highlighting their collaborations with artists across various genres, including Les Claypool, Alam Khan, and The Glitch Mob. This diverse range of influences was clear in last night’s performance, which offered the audience a rich tapestry of sounds and the iconic belly dancing that has made the band so famous. The band’s ability to fuse elements of various genres and cultures into a cohesive live experience underscores their reputation for innovative showmanship.

Attendees of the concert were treated to an evening that went beyond the typical concert experience, one that emphasized the connection between performer and audience through a shared experience of art and creativity. Beats Antique’s performance at Brooklyn Bowl was a reminder of the power of live music to transcend traditional boundaries and engage audiences in a deeply creative journey. The event left a lasting impression on those who witnessed it, further cementing Beats Antique’s place in the landscape of contemporary music and performance art.

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