By Maggie Miles | May 04, 2024
📸: shot by Maggie Miles

The groove was strong at Brooklyn Bowl, where The Motet and lespecial delivered a night of mesmerizing music that catered to a diverse audience. The evening began with lespecial, a trio known for their genre-bending approach which melds elements of rock, electronica, and funk into a cohesive performance. Their set included tracks like “Snells Fleet,” “Repeater,” and a notable cover of Boards of Canada’s “Chromakey Dreamcoat,” showcasing their dynamic range and ability to captivate the crowd with their exploratory sounds and theatrical flair.

Following lespecial, The Motet took the stage, bringing their signature blend of funk, jazz, and soul to the forefront. The band, consisting of Sarah Clarke on vocals, Dave Watts on drums, Joey Porter on keys, Garrett Sayers on bass, Ryan Jalbert on guitar, and Drew Sayers on saxophone, performed a selection of tracks from their latest album All Day. Each song highlighted the band’s unique musicianship and style.

The night was peppered with playful interactions and unique moments, such as when The Motet threw sandwiches into the crowd and swapped drummers for different songs, infusing the concert with an air of spontaneity and joy. These antics, coupled with their solid musical performances, fostered a connection with the audience, making the event a communal celebration of music’s power to unite and thrill.

The diverse crowd, which ranged from dedicated fans to those newly introduced to the bands, reflected the broad appeal of the music played. The atmosphere was electric, as attendees of all ages and backgrounds grooved together, showcasing the inclusive spirit of Brooklyn Bowl and the magnetic pull of live music. The enduring talent and creativity of The Motet and LeSpecial, proved once again why they remain at the forefront of their respective musical genres. 

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📸: shot by Maggie Miles

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