By Maggie Miles | October 27, 2023
📸: shot by Nicko McMillen

Live music experiences are like a journey into another world, and on a chilly fall night in Brooklyn, Coco & Breezy and Thundercat took everyone on a musical ride at Brooklyn Mirage. With their unique blend of styles, these artists offered a night of unforgettable music that left the crowd in awe. Coco + Breezy, the twin DJ and fashion duo, kicked off the evening with a performance that showcased synchronization only twins can pull off. Their opening set was a mesmerizing introduction to what was to come.

The star of the night was Stephen Lee Bruner, better known as Thundercat, described by one fan as a “virtuoso.” He is a producer, musician, genre bender, and songwriter who has collaborated with everyone from Flying Lotus to Kendrick Lamar. Thundercat is a Los Angeles native with multiple Grammys under his belt, so the bar for seeing him live was set high. He did not disappoint. The crowd was charged with excitement, eagerly waiting for his arrival. His intro was nothing short of mythical, with fog swirling around his table that held a noticeably hot drink. A giant inflatable “Thundercat” engulfed the stage, setting the table for hours of music only interrupted by awkward, comical banter.

The band, including pianist Dennis and drummer, Justin Brown, donned quirky attire, with Justin sporting a disco helmet. Thundercat’s fingers moved across the bass faster than our eyes could follow, all while he was dressed like Finn from Adventure Time. The jammy, weird, and psychedelic intro seemed to hold the crowd in a trance at first, but after the first medley, “Lost in Space / Great Scott / 22-26,” Thundercat had to shake out his hand from playing so fast. He then engaged with the crowd, delving into a song fit for a video game, “Innerstellar Love,” and the energy in the venue escalated rapidly. The transition to “How Sway” had people bobbing their heads in sync.

Song four, “Uh Uh,” took us on a journey, as Thundercat sang about meeting in Japan and meeting up in Brooklyn. The performance exuded a sexy, groovy vibe, enhanced by captivating visuals. In a surprising turn of events, a fan presented Thundercat with a whole painting from the crowd, prompting him to dedicate the song to the artist. It really showed the amazing connection between him and his fans.

“Dragonball Durag” was a sultry and intimate experience, as Thundercat crooned, “Hold me close and let me squeeze you tight, baby girl, I like the way you feel.” Suddenly, the air was filled with a mysterious scent, and Thundercat thanked the crowd for being there. Song six continued the journey with lyrics about needing a hit, and by this point, the crowd was fully immersed in the groove. The seventh song brought a softer and groovier vibe, but the crowd seemed slightly restless. In a poignant moment, Thundercat took a pause to pay tribute to Megan Stabile, a special person in the hearts of many in the audience. He dedicated a song to her, speaking of the importance of expressing love to those who matter most.

As the night continued, Thundercat’s musical prowess was on full display, and he sometimes appeared to be in a trance, grinning from ear to ear, with his eyes rolling back in his head, seemingly possessed by his bass. An enthused drum solo by Justin added another layer of excitement. The next displays of musical splendor, “A Message for Austin / Praise the Lord / Enter the Void” and “Oh Sheit It’s X” offered a groovy and sleepy atmosphere, as couples swayed together in harmony. Everyone looked like they were both in the moment and somewhere far away. When a break presented itself, Thundercat complimented someone on their outfit, mentioning that he was wearing a game cube and even got his Sonic the Hedgehog game signed. In a more reflective moment, Thundercat mentioned legendary songwriter Leon Weir, who had written for icons like Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson. He emphasized the importance of Leon’s contributions to music. After playing “Funny Thing,” (twice) he ended with the viral hit, “Them Changes.” He played a two-song encore before sending everyone out into the night.

As the show ended, the crowd left the Brooklyn Mirage with a sense of awe and wonder, having been transported to a musical realm by the unparalleled talent of Coco + Breezy and Thundercat. It was a night of magic and reflection, reminding us all of the power of live music to create unforgettable memories.

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