By Maggie Miles | September 26, 2023
📸: shot by Maggie Miles

Grammy-nominated artist, ZHU, brought a celestial spectacle to the Brooklyn Mirage for three days, playing a sold-out show on Friday night. Known for his innovative approach to music and visually captivating performances, ZHU combined electronic beats and jazz rhythms with the help of a surprise appearance from special guest, Trombone Shorty. ZHU is known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music and crafting visually captivating performances and this performance matched all those expectations and more. 

The set was a well-crafted mosaic of ZHU’s musical journey, featuring the latest singles “Revelations” and “Changes,” alongside crowd favorites like “I Wonder” and a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”. The synergy between ZHU’s electronic beats and Trombone Shorty’s expert jazz additions added a unique layer to the musical experience, creating a harmonious blend of genres. The arrangement of the setlist showcased their versatility and mutual passion for musical exploration. Fans were hanging onto every moment, moving with the music while watching his every move. 

The energy at the Brooklyn Mirage was palpable, with groovers immersed in the eclectic rhythms and ZHU’s hypnotic presence. The appearance of the live band added an extra layer of talent and excitement, creating a vibrant performance resonating with the crowd and amplifying the atmosphere. The venue, known for its immersive environment, served as the perfect canvas for this musical masterpiece, enhancing the sensory experience. ZHU gave his love to the crowd–his diverse talents were on display as he made the enormous stage his own, oscillating between performer, singer, and collaborator. 

From behind the lens, the visual narrative was as compelling as the auditory experience. The interplay of moody lights, church themes, bold letters combined with the visual of the cage centered in the middle where the band was housed added depth to the performance and created a dreamlike ambiance. Every beat and melody was accentuated by the perfectly synced visuals, making each moment a photograph waiting to be captured.

Working as a photographer, I had the privilege of witnessing the synergy between ZHU and his fans through my lens. When he introduced Trombone Shorty as his good friend, the energy magnified. The fusion of genres, the electrifying atmosphere, and the visual spectacle made it a night to remember. ZHU’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and creating an immersive experience was evident, and the remarkable production of Brooklyn Mirage’s wrap-around screens made it a landmark event in the musical calendar.

As the last notes reverberated through the Brooklyn night, the fashionably dressed crowd left with a sense of euphoria and a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of music. I could tell they didn’t want it to be over and many returned the next night for another round. ”I Wonder” what is next for ZHU; he deserves all the accolades he has achieved thus-far and the future is bright.

Connect with ZHU on Instagram, Spotify, and his website for his music and more information.

📸: shot by Maggie Miles

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