What is the groovement?

The groovement is a community for all lovers of live music. We believe in supporting artists, venues, and the local community by sharing in the magic of live music together. On our platform, you can find new artists coming to NYC on our groovecal, get bar and restaurant recommendations around venues on our groovemap to plan your night out, connect with other groovers attending the same show at our pregames, sell/buy tickets between fellow groovers through our Instagram, listen to new artists coming to your city in our groovetracks playlists, amplify your concert experience with our grooveguide, and signup for groovemail, our newsletter, to stay in the know.

How do I sign up for the groovement?

the groovement community is free to join. Follow us on instagram and sign up for our groovemail newsletter to stay in the know.  

How do I support the groovement?

There’s lots of ways to show your love: 

  1. Tell your friends!
  2. Honor and enforce the groovecode 
  3. Subscribe to groovemail, our newsletter
  4. Follow us on instagram @thegroovement.nyc
  5. Subscribe to our groovetracks
  6. Add shows to our groovecal
  7. Buy & rep groovement merch from our grooveshop  
  8. Support the bars and restaurants on our groovemap
What is the groovecal?

The groovecal is our shared calendar where you can see what artists are coming to your city and when! You can view the calendar in month, day or list format and search for artists in the search bar.

How do I add a show to the groovecal?

You can add a show by clicking the “add a show” button on the right hand side of the search bar in the month or list view of the groovecal. Clicking the add a show button will take you to the add a show form where you can enter the name of the artist, date/time of the show, venue, cost of tickets and a link to purchase tickets online. After adding the show details, click “submit show” at the bottom of the page to finish adding your show to the groovecal, and it will be added instantly.

How do I buy tickets?

On an individual show page, click the “Buy Tickets” button which will bring you to the show site or ticketing platform where you can purchase tickets.

How do I sell tickets?

DM us on instagram @thegroovement.nyc and we’ll do our best to help you sell your tickets. Please note that only facilitate face value ticket sales and are not responsible for any foul play (but we do have measures in place to protect buyers and sellers). Keep an eye on the “tix” highlights on our Instagram page for available tix.

How do I download the groovecal to my calendar?

On the month view or list view of the groovecal, scroll to the bottom and click the “subscribe to calendar” button to export the groovecal to your own personal calendar. On show pages, you have the option to export that show to your Google calendar, iCalendar, or Outlook calendar.

I’m an artist/band – how do I get on the groovecal?

Click the “add a show” button to the right hand side of the search bar on the list view or the month view of the groovecal. Add your show details to the show form (date/time, venue, ticket price, link to buy tickets, etc.) and hit the “submit show” button.

What is the groovemap?

The groovemap is a google map where you can easily see all the venues in the city and find recommendations for bars, restaurants, and after hours spots near the venues so you can plan your night out. We also host pre and post show meet ups at selected bars, keep an eye on our Instagram and groovemail for upcoming events.

How do I use the groovemap?

Ahead of your next show, search or zoom in on the groovemap to find the venue. Around the venue (purple musical note icon), you will see recommendations for restaurants (teal fork & knife icon), bars (yellow martini/beer glass icon), and after hours spots (green dancer icon) near the venue so you can find the best spots to hit up and after your show.

What is groovetracks?

groovetracks are our shared Spotify playlists. We make playlists for each month featuring the artists coming to your city. Discover new artists coming to your city by checking out groovetracks playlists.

What is groovemail?

groovemail is our email newsletters and communications to groovers. We send information about upcoming shows and events, reviews of shows/venues, and platform announcements and updates. Please click here to sign up to start receiving groovemail.

I’m signed up but not receiving groovemail. How do I fix this?

If you can’t find groovemail in your inbox there’s a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Search for [email protected] in your inbox
  2.  Check your promotions tab
  3.  Check your spam folder
  4.  Save [email protected] to your email address book 
What is the grooveguide?

The grooveguide is where you can find all of our resources and content. From FAQs and the groovecode, to venue reviews, artist and groover interviews, and hot concert tips and tricks. Check out the grooveguide for all the info you need to ensure a great time at your next show. If you’re interested in contributing to the grooveguide, see the forms in the link in our Instagram bio. If you’re interested in being featured, please email [email protected]

What is the groovecam?

The groovecam is our Instagram where we feature concert vids submitted by fellow groovers. Check our story and highlights to tune in.

How do I get my concert vid featured on the groovecam?

Tag @thegroovement.nyc in your Instagram stories and posts or DM us your concert videos to get featured.

What is the grooveshop?

The grooveshop is our online store where you can buy groovement merch to spice up your wardrobe and rep the groovement.

How did the groovement start?/ Who started the groovement?

The groovement started with two friends who share a passion for live music. To keep track of the shows they wanted to go to, they created a shared doc where they tracked upcoming shows. They added their friends to the doc, who added their friends, who added their friends, and pretty soon, a crew of concert lovers across nyc was using the doc to find shows and cool people to go with. While live music was on pause during 2020, we took feedback from the community and launched thegroovement.nyc in 2021, a new platform for all lovers of live music.

How do I join the groovement team?

Email us! [email protected]

I’m a photographer or writer who wants to shoot for/write for the groovement. How do I get in touch?

Photogs, fill out this form.
Writers, fill out this form.

How do I partner with the groovement?

We’d love to collab! Please fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch.

How do I contact the groovement for general inquiries?

You can email us [email protected] or DM us on instagram @thegroovement.nyc

How do I contact the groovement for press inquiries?

Please email us at [email protected]

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet 😉

How do I find the groovement on social media?

On instagram, we’re @thegroovement.co. On tiktok, we’re thegroovement.

Where is the groovement located?

Currently we’re in New York City, and we have plans to expand the groovement across the globe!

How do I get the groovement to come to my city?

We’re expanding across the U.S.! Email [email protected] to let us know which city we should launch next.

How much does it cost to join the groovement?

Currently, the groovement is free to join.