By Julie Chen | October 06, 2023
📸: shot by Nicole Guillen

The flooding rain outside became a distant memory as Bay Ledges transformed Brooklyn Made into a sanctuary of dreamy tunes and iridescent melodies. Mishegas, the opening act, set the tone for the evening with their soft lo-fi tunes that washed over the crowd and created a hypnotic atmosphere. The music felt like a refuge, a place where one could zone into work, reflect on a walk, or simply calm down from the chaos of everyday life. 

Bay Ledges captivated the audience with their high energy, hair flipping, and jamming out. They started the set with “Reintroduction” off their 2020 EP New Daze – a sign that we were going to have a good time. The synthy, groovy waves crashed into calm, creating a perfect balance of energy and serenity. Bay Ledges is the brainchild of songwriter and producer, Zach Hurd. Currently on tour, Bay Ledges is renowned for their ability to blend ethereal melodies with groovy rhythms, creating a unique musical experience. Brooklyn Made was their second sold out show on their tour, and their infectious energy on stage mirrored the audience’s enthusiasm the whole night. Their second song, “Sunsunsun,” off their 2022 album Ritual, lived up to its name with its beachy, feel-good vibe. “In Water” and “Sylvia” also made us feel like we were on vacation. “Sylvia” was a highlight of the set; Hurd put on a deep voice, invited the audience to sing along, and danced all across the stage.

It was clear that the band was having a fantastic time, and the audience was jumping, swaying, and singing along. Their performance of “Up” showcased softer vocals amid stunning lights – hat tip to Brooklyn Made for their detailed lighting setup. “keep going” and “June” infused funk and synths, energizing the crowd. Bay Ledges’ cover of “Home” by LCD Soundsystem seamlessly integrated into their discography. Their acoustic rendition of “Safe” highlighted raw emotion while the high notes in “Float” soared to incredible heights, showcasing Hurd’s vocal prowess. They ended the night with fan favorite, “Straight Jacket.” The concert was a testament to Bay Ledges’ ability to transform a rainy night into an enchanting experience, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next tour stop.

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📸: shot by Nicole Guillen

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