St. Lucia

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St. Lucia is happiness personified. Spearheaded by South African multi-instrumentalist Jean-Philip Grobler, the project blends pop, disco, and traditional African music into a sweet, bubbly, and irresistibly danceable cocktail. It’s impossible not to feel the groove, a timeless symphony of silky synths, pulsing drums, and saccharine melodies that resonate deep down in your soul.


Cherin just began releasing music last year, and are already ones to watch in New York City’s indie scene. They have already built a fan base strong enough to have an incredible crowd at the Chelsea Music Hall show we attended over the summer. Check out their new single, “The Subway,” releasing October 28th!

Aaron Root

“Go out and meet people. Get outta your comfort zone. Go have a fucking blast. Dance your ass off.”

Seeing Double

Rock can still go viral, and Seeing Double is proof of that. They gained a lot of attention in college, posting snippets of their 70s style alt rock from the bathroom of their dorm. We sat down with them to hear more about their experience thus far and plans for the future.


Multi-hyphenate extraordinaire Tanners is the hottie at the bejeweled gates of the Tannerverse, and she’s welcoming everyone in with open arms. The NYC-based popstar, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer grew up around music, taking voice lessons and playing in bands, but didn’t start to record music of her own until her junior year at New York University.


Close your eyes. It’s peak pandemic, and you just got your first stimulus check. Maybe you pay your rent, maybe you put the money in savings, or maybe you even ball out and spend it on a few minutes worth of serotonin in the form of material goods. For NYC rock band Tilden, the only plausible use of their Covid money was to record their debut singles. Priorities! 

Michael Incognito

Have you ever been at a show and thought, “ I could really go for a cannoli right now?” We know the answer is probably no, but after you experience a post-gig cannoli at a Michael Incognito concert, you’ll never want to be at a show without the Italian delicacy. We’re not joking, you can find the New Jersey singer-songwriter’s mother at the merch booth after his set, slinging cannoli like you’re on the streets of Sicily.



Garth. initially gained notoriety with his debut album Human Nature in 2017, followed by a national tour. Five years later, his energy and unique blend of pop, surf rock and funk continues to pack out iconic NYC venues. We sat down with Garth. prior to his show at Rockwood Music Hall this past summer to learn more about his journey.


Since dropping their debut EP in 2010, TOLEDO, has quickly gained notoriety with the emotion and good vibes of their projects that keeps us wanting more. Back in June, we sat down with the Bushwick-based rock duo before they hit the stage at Brooklyn Made to hear more about their extensive musical journey.


We chatted with Wilderado, one of the most exciting groups in alternative rock space, at Brooklyn Made this past summer. The Tulsa, Oklahoma trio has been together since 2016 and began getting serious attention for their self-titled debut album.