By Bella Savignano | August 30, 2022

“Go out and meet people. Get outta your comfort zone. Go have a fucking blast. Dance your ass off.”

These may sound like the core tenets of the groovement, and we do resonate with them very profoundly, but this spotlight isn’t about us. These are the words of Aaron Root, the creator of Lunar Lounge–a company that throws house music events in New York City. After DJing through college at frat parties and bars, Root gave up the practice, thinking he had to move onto more reliable endeavors. But he missed playing, and realized he could DJ, produce, and throw his own parties to promote himself and the rest of the underground house milieu in New York. 

“My goal is to give people an opportunity to listen to underground music and to give up-and-coming DJs a place to play,” says Root. As a DJ, he noticed a gap in the New York City nightlife scene and decided to fill it himself. He’s truly about the music and the people, putting “good vibes first,” before money or clout. 

Lunar Lounge events revolve around house music, a genre near and dear to Root’s heart. 

“I could go into, you know, the beats per minute, and how it’s just very good for dancing and rhythmic and whatever. But honestly, for me, it just really screams New York,” Root says. “I think it speaks very much to New York’s culture. Always going, always dancing, partying,” he adds. Founded in 2018, Lunar Lounge’s mission is to provide a space for underground House artists to build a platform and audience. They’ve hosted a slew of successful events, but Root relayed to us the story of the show that truly encapsulates the Lunar Lounge spirit. The show was set on a packed rooftop, buzzing with energy, and even better, it all emerged from a friendship formed at another show.

“I loved that party because it was like such a big rocket ship for Lunar Lounge. And it also only happened because I forced myself to go out and socialize. And I think that is exactly the energy that I want Lunar Lounge to have,” he said. In line at a show, Root met a group of people who adopted him into their group. After a series of escapades through the city, the group convinced Root to check out their apartment. As soon as he arrived, he knew it was the perfect spot for a Lunar Lounge event.

That’s what it’s all about at Lunar Lounge: loving music and building a community that loves it as much as you do.

For up-to-date information on the parties Lunar Lounge is throwing, check out @lunarloungepresents on Instagram.

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