By Bella Savignano | August 8, 2022

Music is a cut-throat industry, which means independent bands have to find new and increasingly bizarre ways to get their music listened to. In the case of the upstate New York rock band, Seeing Double, it was brushing their teeth on TikTok to promote their debut single “Leah” that led to virality. They’ve amassed thousands of views from standing in their rural college’s communal dorm bathroom, which have translated into a cult following of listeners eagerly awaiting the band’s next move. But you won’t see an international headline tour or string of rapid-fire releases from Seeing Double for a while. Why? They’re college students, and school comes first. 

During our interview in Mercury Lounge’s barebones underground greenroom, they never explicitly said “college is our number one priority and no amount of internet clout and fame could change that,” but if you were a twenty-something musician, and your debut release not only blew up, but was also compared to Rumors-era Fleetwood Mact, you may think, “How necessary is a Bachelor’s degree, anyways?” Fortunately, the fivesome that makes up Seeing Double haven’t let the fame get to their heads and plan to continue their studies at SUNY Oneonta, where they all met, so it’s winter break recording sessions and summer tours for now. 

They followed up their monumental first release with “Take It or Leave It,” a bubbly, fast-paced tune that in some ways resembles a “sea shanty.” in the words of the group’s backup vocalist and percussionist, Ali. (Not to be confused with lead singer and guitarist, Allie.) They were anxious about following up “Leah,” torn between replicating what clearly worked for them and leaning into their varied music tastes by trying something new, but they seemed to make the right call. 

“We came out with “Take It or Leave It,” which is pretty much nothing like “Leah.” Having such a good response to that is definitely a positive thing! It was relieving for sure,” said Mike, one of the band’s guitarists. “All of our upcoming releases are going to be completely different from each other. We don’t wanna make a copy of anything because then you can’t compare it. [We’re] trying new stuff for now,” added Allie. 

The group incinerated Mercury Lounge, playing their original repertoire along with covers of iconic songs like “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac to a packed room of eager fans. 

We got the chance to talk with Seeing Double before the show, where they sat down and answered a few questions for the groovement:

What were your first concerts?
Zach: I saw a Jimi Hendrix Experience concert that was put on by Joe Satriani.

Ali: Five Seconds of Summer.

Allie: The Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Dylan: A Led Zeppelin cover band.

Mike: It was the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and then Steven Tyler from Aerosmith came out!

How would you describe your music?
Allie: We just say rock because we’re trying out a lot of different things to find our sound! 

Dylan: We all draw from a lot of different influences. So I think that’s a very good umbrella term.

Do you have any mission to impart to your audience?
Allie: We like to have a lot of fun. We hang out a lot outside of music too, so that kind of comes with just being friends! It’s for us first, and we were so grateful that everyone else enjoyed it. 

Imagine you’re playing your dream show – where is it and who is on the bill with you?
Dylan: It’s Vulfpeck and Madison Square Garden. I might throw Sammy Rae & The Friends in there.

Allie: Definitely Red Rocks. And Bruno Mars!

Ali: The Beths at Red Rocks.

Zach: Prime Motley Crue or Ozzy Osbourne before his guitarist Randy Rhode died!

What’s next for you guys?
Mike: Get my car fixed. (Seeing Double got into a car crash on the way to NYC from Pennsylvania the day before – no one was injured).

Allie: We have a song coming out in September, and maybe a mini tour over our winter break in January!

Connect with Seeing Double on Instagram, Spotify, Youtube and their website.

📸: shot by Gaby Garcia

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