By Bella Savignano | August 5, 2022

Close your eyes. It’s peak pandemic, and you just got your first stimulus check. Maybe you pay your rent, maybe you put the money in savings, or maybe you even ball out and spend it on a few minutes worth of serotonin in the form of material goods. For NYC rock band Tilden, the only plausible use of their Covid money was to record their debut singles. Priorities!  

Formed amidst the escapism and salty air of their namesake beach, Fort Tilden, Tilden is mostly a group of best friends who also happen to totally rock. A series of serendipitous meetings through the band members’ multitudes of other music projects led to Tilden’s genesis, which ended up being a critical creative outlet in the midst of New York City’s pandemic-induced dormancy. 

“We were at the beach, it was the height of the pandemic, and I still had a studio space. I said: “Yo, this place is going away, so let’s roll up next Wednesday,” and Tuesday rolled around and I text everybody, “See you tomorrow,” and they’re like, “What?” I was not kidding around!” said Juju, who sings and plays percussion in the group. Needless to say, they all showed up, and the band was born. Tilden has become a space for the band to experiment with new instruments and ideas, branching out of the positions they take in other groups. For frontwoman and keyboard player, Jenna, this band marks a major first.

“This is the first project I’ve been a part of, so it’s been a really cool journey to be able to play with some of the most respected musicians to me and become even more a part of the community than just attending and throwing events,” Jenna reflected. It’s abundantly clear that Tilden’s electrifying live show comes not only from their musical dexterity but also from their genuine friendship and the good vibes that ooze off the stage and into the audience. As far as Tilden’s musical agenda goes, Kallan wrapped up our interview with a pretty simple mission: “To have a good time in these weird times!”

We sat down with Tilden before their debut headline show at TV Eye, where they answered a few questions for the groovement: 

What was the first concert you ever went to?

Ryan: I saw a Beatles cover band in Wichita.

Diego: Air Supply!

Cooper: The Rolling Stones, actually. 

Kallan: I think mine was Motley Crue

Jenna: I think it was Paramore or something

Juju: I got to see my father play in The Moody Blues

How would you describe the music you make?

Juju: Collaboration.

Kallan: This is definitely just a collective thing that happens and whatever comes out comes out. I don’t even know what to call it.

Ryan: It’s kind of 60s, it’s kind of 90s, and it’s a little poppy, and it’s a little jammy. 

Jenna: We got a little psych too. 

What inspires you?

Kallan: I mean, just, just friendship and community is what this band means to me. And that’s what inspires me.

Diego: Certain moments in our lives. Some of the good, some of the bad!

Juju: Getting fucked up, rocking out. 

If you got to play your dream show, where is it, and who’s on the bill with you?

Ryan: Puff Daddy.

Juju: I would like to go to England. Stone Roses and Oasis would be cool. 

Diego: Those bands, but also Red Rocks. 

Jenna: Kali Uchis

Ryan: Tilden headline.

Juju: Kali Uchis can headline. I’ll do anything for her. You write that down, that’s on the record.

What’s next for you? 

Kallan: As far as immediately, just keep playing shows and bringing people in the community together.

Connect with Tilden on Instagram, Spotify or their website.

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