By Gabby Redding | October 6, 2022

Anders Trentemøller spent September and early October touring North America, before ending with two back-to-back shows at Elsewhere in Brooklyn. He’s been touring for 15 years but recently challenged himself by releasing his longest album yet, Memoria, and taking it on the road. Born in Copenhagen, Trentemøller infuses his music with Danish electronic influences, creating a sound that is moody, atmospheric, and varies between comfortable warmth and venue-shaking pop moments. 

The opener, Luster (comprised of two members of Trentemøller) played with the same vibrancy you would expect for a fully packed house, despite the venue still filling up. Luster invited everyone close to the stage for an emotional and intimate performance of “Falling in Love,” before picking the energy back up for the rest of their set. 

By the time Trentemøller took the stage, the crowd was electric. They opened with a guitar heavy sound that stole the show with insane riffs that led into drops, showcasing the ethereal electro-pop Trentemøller has become known for. This was all highlighted by otherworldly vocals that tied the multi-genre sound together. The tracklist of Memoria pulls from familiar 80s and 90s influences, featuring synth, distorted guitars, drums, and dreamy lyrics. To see something that layered come together live is magical, and each musician played expertly–aligning their role within each song with expert precision. During the more energetic moments of the show, the floor of Elsewhere physically shook as the crowd enthusiastically moved along to Trentemøller and his band. 

When Memoria premiered, Trentemøller partnered with Pitchblack Playback for a series of listening sessions in London, New York, and Copenhagen, which had fans experience the album for the first time in total darkness. If that was the intent for the album, it would certainly leave fans wondering how it would be experienced live, particularly in a venue as boisterous as Elsewhere. However, if the ending of their North American tour was any indication of the album’s versatility, it not only holds up live, but it is also emphasized by seeing Trentemøller and his band play to their fans and feed off of the energy the crowd brought with them. 

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📸: shot by Kyle Manning

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