By Calli Ferguson | June 15, 2023
📸: shot by Sarah Schneider

Shrouded by a colorful, 70’s-style set-up, Austin-based indie trop-pop duo, Summer Salt, gave a truly vibey performance last Thursday at Brooklyn Bowl. Drummer Eugene Chung kicked it off with “Tortilla Soup” from the band’s latest album, Campanita. His high-energy drum intro was met with their classic sunny guitar and Matthew Terry’s airy vocals. A happy crowd swayed along as Terry sang: 

“Well I’ve known this feeling, and I’ll feel it again. The heat of the summer, the company of friends. Tortilla soup with a swirl margarita, that warm belly laughter… let’s hear it again.”

Summer Salt’s sound is defined by dreamy harmonies and tender, nostalgic lyrics that remind you of the feeling of living in the moment with people you love. Their newest album, Campanita, is certainly no exception – but it does take on another layer as it was written for Matthew Terry’s sister and cousin who he lost unexpectedly in 2021. Campanita takes listeners on a journey of grief, but also of warm memories held close. 

The show took place on one of those perfect, early-June evenings. The smoke from the wildfires had just started clearing up, and we all needed something feel-good and hopeful to vibe to. Summer Salt provided us with just that. Keeping with the good vibes, a dollar from every ticket sale at the show was donated to Oceanic Global. 

We made our way along the groovemap, starting at Greenpoint’s Twin Lounge – a cool spot with chic mid-century decor and tasty cocktails. Walking into Brooklyn Bowl is always a unique experience: half bowling alley, half music venue, (“rock n’ roll” as they so cheekily like to put it). It’s a cool space on any night, but Summer Salt had their way of making it feel like home.

Eugene Chung on drums was electric and a joy to watch the whole time. You could tell that he loved what he was doing and the crowd appreciated his unique magic. Meanwhile, Matthew Terry gave us his heart. His vocals shine live, highlighted by tracks like “Hocus Pocus.

The show, this record, and Summer Salt all seem to encapsulate the joy of happy moments. The love that pours out of the lyrics and the melodies is contagious. “The heat of the summer, the company of friends.” What a gift that is.

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📸: shot by  Sarah Schneider

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