By Jordan Grammer | July 9, 2023
📸: shot by Nicholas McMillen

Often referred to as your favorite band’s favorite band, Sparks has been electrifying crowds around the world since the early 1970s. Last month, we got to see them put on a truly legendary show at the iconic Beacon Theatre. The crowd was composed of both old and new fans, all vibin’ together. With a discography dating back over fifty years and a setlist from over fifteen projects, there truly was something for everyone.

Ron Mael’s brooding, electronic, synth-driven productions were reminiscent of your favorite 80s action flick, contrasting with his brother, Russel Mael’s, more whimsical display as a frontman. Their performance of  “Balls” was a true fire starter for the crowd who appreciated its silly absurdity. Sparks’ performance was a fantastic distraction from the monotony and drama of everyday life and a wonderful bit of escapism on a hot New York night. 

Even after fifty years, the band still shows no signs of stopping. In addition to this massive tour, they also released their newest album, The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte, this past May. We can only hope that they come back and perform for us again soon!

Connect with Sparks on Instagram, Spotify, and their website.

📸: shot by Nicholas McMillen

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