By Lydia Wiener | March 30, 2023

Rubblebucket nyc concerts live music

After a cold, rainy Saturday, Rubblebucket brought its unique psychedelic rock sound to Brooklyn Steel. The almost two-hour long set was a multimodal compilation of visual and performance art. Kalmia Traver, Rubblebucket’s lead vocalist and baritone saxophone extraordinaire, graced viewers with a range of eclectic costumes and intermittent flute solos. While not providing supporting vocals, Alex Toth led the band in coordinated dance routines and brought the house down on trumpet and tambourine, playing both in tandem at times. Toth’s leadership extended beyond the stage as he engaged audience members in a spirited call and response to stand-out single, “Geometry,” from the new album Earth Worship. The entire set featured colorful lights that perfectly accented the essence of the full-bodied and dynamic sound. 

On multiple accounts, the band ventured down into the pit to groove with the audience, transforming the sonic experience. During the final song, the band congregated in the middle of the room to jam, using a handheld megaphone to address the crowd, before leading the soulful procession home. 

The hometown show for the Brooklyn-based duo included guest performances that left the room buzzing. For crowd favorite Came Out of a Lady, Rubblebucket was joined on stage by Sammy Rae of Sammy Rae & The Friends. Rubblebucket will take the stage with Sammy Rae again this summer for the City Parks Foundation SummerStage concert series. We’ll see you there.

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📸: shot by Tim Watrous

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