By Asher Berkson-Gold | March 20, 2023

Paolo Nutini graced New York with his presence at Brooklyn Steel, New York’s most premier concert venue built out of an abandoned steel mill.

Needless to say, the show was pretty metal.

The Scottish singer-songwriter spent his hour-and-a-half long set blending different genres together, much like he has done over the course of his career, including four studio albums. There were powerful ballads, aggressive rock elements, dreamy jazz instrumentals, and groovy tunes. Suffice to say, the vibes were iconic.

Paolo performed a lot of hits, but focused especially on his most recent album, Last Night In The Bittersweet. Some highlights included “Radio,” “Acid Eyes,” a medley featuring “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty,” “New Shoes,” and “Teenage Kicks,” (all from his debut album, These Streets), and of course, one of his all-time classics, “Candy.” 

The most intense performance of the night came halfway through the show, when Nutini sang “Through The Echoes,” an incredibly powerful rock ballad. Nutini put so much passion, belting every chorus at the top of his lungs. The crowd responded in kind, singing along with him, creating a transcendent atmosphere of palpable energy throughout the venue. 

After coming back for an encore, Nutini fittingly closed the set with the last song from his new release, “Writer,” a beautiful finale to a beautiful night.

They say good things come in threes, and although we might be a little biased, Paolo Nutini’s third show on his North American tour was one for the ages.

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