By Corinne Osnos | May 14, 2023

Kitchen Dwellers NYC live music concerts

Kitchen Dwellers is a talented bluegrass band that has been making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of traditional bluegrass and modern influences. One of the most striking aspects of Kitchen Dwellers’ music is the technical proficiency of each member: Joe Funk on bass, Shawn Swain on mandolin, Torrin Daniels on banjo, and Max Davies on guitar. The group forges a sound that is both traditional and innovative, combining classic bluegrass instrumentation with contemporary songwriting and experimental arrangements.  

The Montana-based band started and ended their Brooklyn Bowl set with songs from their 2022 album Wise River (“Sundown,” “Drowning (…Again)”). Wise River is an album that’s close to home for the band, sonically and literally. Many of the songs were written during the pandemic and evoke a feeling of endless time and open space. “The phrases about time receding and the hourglass running slowly reference the elasticity of time, and how our minds can warp when we’re confined to one space physically,” said banjo player Torrin Daniels of “Sundown.” The set list pleased fans new and old as the band sampled from across their discography, dropping in crowd-favorites like “Gypsy Woman” and a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover. 

Listening to Kitchen Dwellers is a completely different experience than watching them perform live. Seeing the musicians interact and riff off of each other in real-time is an incredible experience that cannot be replicated on a recorded track. From the lightning-fast banjo picking to the intricate mandolin melodies, every instrument was played with precision and expertise. Kitchen Dwellers’ performance became increasingly psychedelic as the concert progressed. They left the audience spellbound before signing off around midnight.

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