By Bella Savignano | July 11, 2022

We spotted Kennedy Haygood at Chloe Flower’s Lincoln Center concert, where she was performing with a troupe of dancers to Flower’s piano arrangements. The performance was stunning– many of the performers only met shortly before the concert, but their creative chemistry was palpable. Improvising solo, partner, and group dances in a myriad of styles, the dancers floated behind and around Flower’s piano, bringing her compositions alive. A born dancer, Haygood has been gravitating towards performance since she was a kid.

“My mother told me when I was a small child, my family went to a festival, and I ran off. They thought they lost me but found me dancing in the middle of a crowd,” she relayed to us. 

the groovement asked Haygood a few questions about dance, music, and what inspires her:

Where are you from/when did you move to NYC?
I was born & raised in Houston, TX. I moved back to NYC at the beginning of June.

What do you do, and when did you know it was your calling?
I am a personal trainer and dancer. I knew personal training was my calling, simply off of my passion for fitness and health. I’ve always participated in sports since the age of five, so it’s my second nature. I love to help other people choose a healthier lifestyle and overcome the barriers they have within themselves. And with dance, I’ve danced my entire life. I love every bit of it. 

Who and what do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from music, my friends, and my experiences. Movement in itself inspires. The way people navigate themselves physically and how they use it to express themselves. Music is my biggest inspiration. I couldn’t go a day without it. I feel like when I can’t express how I feel outwardly, in any way, music captures my emotions and gives me the space to feel. My friends inspire me through my day-to-day life. The laughs, the conversations, the spontaneous times, all of these moments make me who I am today. 

How does dancing to live music differ from recorded music?
Dancing to live music puts you physically in a space to feel whatever you’re hearing. Recorded music doesn’t have the energetic vibrations that you can feel as powerfully as live music. 

What does dancing mean to you?
Dancing means that I will always have my moment to let go. When I dance, I feel free. Effortless. Happy. Raw. Connected. All of these elements build my character and gratitude for existing and everything that surrounds me.

What’s your favorite kind of music to dance to? 
I like to dance to R&B. I grew up listening to R&B so much & it’s what sparked my creativity at a young age.

What’s next for you? 
What’s next for me is big. I feel it in my spirit, and I know whatever God and the universe have planned for me, it’s gonna be epic. I work hard every day and no matter what, I make sure I keep a gentle and genuine heart.

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