By Calli Ferguson | August 13, 2022

Juice is one of those bands where most fans who know them, love them. If you ask people, “have you heard of the band, Juice?” You’re usually either going to get a “no” or a “Oh my god, YES!” People who see a show or two often get bitten by the Juice bug. They’re left with this feeling that they just discovered something undeniably fun. We caught their concert at Webster Hall in August for the Empire Music Festival, and suffice it to say… We drank the Juice kool-aid. Or the Juice… juice? Whatever was in those sweet sounds, they got us dancing. And we’re ready for another glass. 

The six-piece Brooklyn-based band weaves genres together throughout their sets with a smooth groove that strings it all together. And speaking of strings, Cristian Rose, the band’s incredible violinist, drives their unique sound as warm vocals come from across the stage. Juice’s music is a lovechild of rock, jazz, R&B, and several other genres depending on the song. Each musician on that stage could be their very own act, but they rock even harder together. If Juice were a juice, they’d probably be some sort of tropical punch. It’s bursting with a mix of flavors and colors that bring out the brightest in one another.

And that is what feels so wonderful about being at a Juice concert: you get to watch these six musicians have so much fun doing what they do. It’s what has fans wanting to come back. In the middle of the show, frontman Ben Stevens said, “It feels like a dream coming back together.” And in that moment, Ben vocalized what everybody in the audience could feel from that first song: authentic joy. Authentic joy created by the Juice boys and hot potato-ed, back and forth, between the stage and the audience at Webster Hall. 

When you mix it all up, you have this band full of friends who seem to be having the best time. They’re smiling. We’re smiling. The music goes down easy and before you know it the whole crowd is groovin’. 

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📸: shot by Jill Boyatsis

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