By Emma Hug Rosenstein | March 26, 2024
📸: shot by Jen Roman

Hannah Wicklund is a female artist who does it all; playing electric guitar with powerful riffs and intricate solos, all while wearing a tiara. Her latest album titled, The Prize, was released on January 12th. She began her Hell In The Hallway World Tour tour just a month later on February 20th, beginning in North Carolina, and will be touring through June. We were able to catch her on her New York City stop at The Mercury Lounge on February 28th. 

Once the band finished setting up, the show began suddenly, without warning, a heavy beat picking up as the audience was drawn to the stage. A few seconds later, Wicklund walked on stage and immediately grabbed the strap of her pink guitar and placed it around her body. She joined the collective beat and began playing a heavy guitar solo, showcasing her rockin’ skills. The notes from the band began to fade as she stepped up to the mic and began singing, all with her tiara perfectly placed on her head and a smile on her face. 

Wicklund’s powerful voice filled the room and stood out amongst the backing instruments. She has a flawless range that paired beautifully with her sound – sometimes light with only keyboards, and sometimes darker with the full band. The band’s sound mixes heavy rock with soft elements, the keyboards featured on a few songs adding a light layer with delicate notes. 

Throughout the set, Wicklund played songs from her full discography, specifically highlighting the new releases from her latest album, which included, “Hell In The Hallway,” “Lost Love,” and “Hide and Seek.” Wicklund and the band played one song after another, pausing at the beginning of each to tell the stories behind how the songs on the new album were created and what inspired them. These stories were personal to the show, and the audience was able to learn more about Wicklund’s creative process and the love behind her craft. 

Halfway through the set, the band put down their instruments and quickly slid off the stage and disappeared into the depths of the venue. Wicklund began this segment by playing a few songs on guitar – just her on stage in front of the mic. The next few were accompanied by piano. It was a special moment that highlighted the beauty of the lyrics. 

Wicklund explained that, “a lot of this record was coming full circle and embracing the little girl in me. I found myself leaning more masculine and edgy to be more respected. I love this record because it brought me back in touch with my femininity.”

Wicklund finished her set at the Mercury Lounge with a raving crowd cheering in support. Steam Wicklund’s new album, “The Prize.” 

Connect with Hannah Wicklund on Instagram, Spotify and her website.

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