By Robert Goldberg | November 26, 2023
📸: shot by Owen Labate

Nothing says a balanced diet quite like eggs, gin, and a whole lotta jam. Jam heads and Phans alike packed into Brooklyn Bowl the weekend before Thanksgiving for a tri-state area hometown throwdown provided by local favorites Eggy and Stolen Gin. Walking into the Bowl, we could smell a blend of earthy notes and hints of patchouli mixing with the contagious energy of excitement, community, and intricate musical improvisations. It was neither band’s first performance at the venue this year, but it would most likely be both of their last, so the fans were pumped. 

Stolen Gin, which is composed of New York natives Jackson (vocals and guitar), Evan (saxophone), Will (guitar), Josh (drums), and Sawyer (bass), started off the night with an all-out funk fiesta. Putting on an electrifying display of disco boogie bangers and a high-energy stage presence, the ensemble had the sold-out crowd hoppin’ on a ‘Gin buzz.’ The members of Eggy were the proverbial chefs that conquered that drunken musical hunger as the fearsome foursome, which includes guitarist Jake Brownstein, keyboardist Dani Battat, drummer Alex Bailey and bassist Mike Goodman, served a groovy, free-form music production.

Kicking off with their original song, “12 Pounds of Pain,” Eggy gave us playful lyricism, raging guitar rhythms, and finger dancing key solos. They then segued into a few more originals, including a lyrically contemplative “Come Up Slow,” then rocked two newer tracks, “One Stop Shop” and “A Moments Notice.”  The band’s artistic development was evident as the ensemble stunned the crowd with a fitting rendition of Steely Dan’s “Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me),” as well as a raging version of their own “All Wheels Turnin’.” Eggy didn’t waste a second as they steamrolled through two and a half hours of unadulterated musical debauchery in one set. Other notable jams included new cuts like “Sweat Equity,” which included a soaring and uplifting improv rift that had fans jumping, as well as another Steely Dan cover “Turn That Heartbeat Over Again.” The group ended the set quite a “Smile” and left without a sound as the crowd could tell the Irish goodbye was just another playful melodramatic stunt that had them screaming for more. 

Eggy came back out for an encore, ending the night with one more feel-good track, a multi-jam-mensional “Wayless.” They also announced that they would be back at Brooklyn Bowl on March 23rd, 2024 for a special Purim Show, so get your costumes ready!

Catch their new show at Brooklyn Bowl on March 23, 2024! Get your tickets here.

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📸: shot by Owen Labate

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