When having a conversation with your fellow neighbor, you might hear conventional phonetic phrases like “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, And Good Night.”  However, going to see a Neighbor show turns coresident speech into an all out jam fest where bluesy grooves and pure body language dominate the dance floor. This past Friday at Brooklyn Bowl was no different, as the band headlined there for the first time, accompanied by another up and coming psychedelic jam band, Baked Shrimp.


If a Hedonist is a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life, then Hedonistas are a funky, jam-powered collective of pleasure-providers who bring an energetic atmosphere that gets audiences moving and grooving from the first note. This group of lifelong friends includes keyboardist and vocalist Jake Keeble, guitarists Max Blount and Peter Brazeal, keyboardist and bassist Hunter Tredway, and drummer Sawyer Drummond. Together they’ve been rocking out for almost 10 years.


What happens when you combine the essence of improvisation, syncopated rhythmic accents, and a blend of funk, rock, and jam music into a jazz performance? The result is the high octane musical powerhouse Soulive, who unleashed a sonic assault on an elated Blue Note Jazz Club audience last week at the Blue Note Jazz Festival.

Big Boi

“It was a clear black night, a clear white moon” as Brooklyn was hungry for some “fish and grits and all that pimp shit.” The seven-time Grammy award-winning ATL rap legend, Big Boi (also known as Daddy Fat Sacks, General Patton, Hot Tub Tony Francis, Sir Lucious L. Leftfoot, Chico Dusty and more), was ready to chef up some dirty dirty for an ecstatic Brooklyn Bowl crowd.

Citizen Cope

Known for his socially conscious lyrics and progressive beliefs, Citizen Cope’s music represents that same emotion evoked from the 1960s peaceful protest era of equality and justice for all. Cope was born in Memphis but grew up around the pseudo-democratic streets of Washington D.C. where he experienced American grassroots political movements and government backlash firsthand. For many people who attended his birthday show at Brooklyn Made, singing along with Citizen Cope’s songs meant a different type of freedom.


New moe., who dis? moe. returned to their beloved concrete jungle last Thursday to start their three night run at Brooklyn Bowl with a reincarnated Chuck Garvey on guitar and invigorated new band member, Nate Wilson, on keys. Characterized as a preeminent jam rock band, moe. originates from Buffalo, New York, and is known for conquering the soundscape of multiple genres including progressive, neo-psychedelia, alternative, funk, rock, and more.

Easy Star All-Stars

They say that the best way to appreciate music and art is through a deep breath. Breathe-in, breathe-out, and get lit. The Easy Star All-Stars are no strangers to this concept as they turned Sony Hall into a 420 fiesta through bass heavy reggae riffs, sing-along covers, and good vibes making for a high time. The band, led by Michael Goldwasser (guitar and percussion) encompasses a large ensemble of talented reggae musicians including multiple guitar players, a horn section (trombone and saxophone), male and female vocalists, drummer, and bassist. Their music is characterized by reggae-fueled classic rock covers, deep bass lines, syncopated rhythms, and upbeat melodies that inspire movement and dance. With support from Sister Carol and NYC’s Cannabis Cup Band, the crowd was all in for a real rocksteady ganja celebration.


Microwave band new york concerts live music

From nostalgic anger to unapologetic moshing and stage diving to feelings of non-conformist social acceptance, a Microwave concert is more than just a show. It’s a sanctuary of camaraderie and belonging where all are welcome to express their individuality and rock the fuck out.

Karavan Sarai

There are few artists who allow an audience to truly transcend time and space to experience new cultures from the ends of the earth. Experiencing Karavan Sarai is like entering a spiritual expedition by traveling through soundscapes of the Silk Road from Arabia to India and the Balkans to Persia.

PJ LaMariana

PJ LaMariana

PJ LaMariana is a seasoned New York City based guitarist, bassist, singer, and songwriter who stretches the boundaries of multiple musical genres including jam, folk, R&B, indie-groove and more. Growing up in an environment where he was constantly influenced by live music, he redefines what it means to be an experimental artist through his intense energy on stage and musical range.