Mental Health in the Music Industry

Mental health affects all of us. From children finding their way in school, to older folks enjoying their retirement, it can always be a challenge to keep our minds in the right space. This is especially true in the music business, an industry that works around the clock and often forces artists and business people out of their comfort zones.


Music wasn’t always the plan for Anees. The 30 year old initially went to law school, but he pivoted and started making music three years ago. Since then, he has dropped multiple hit singles and gained several million followers on social media, and he’s just getting started.

Stephen Grybowski

Artists are seen as the lifeblood of the music world, but the industry would not be what it is without the hard working people behind the scenes. Enter Stephen Grybowski, one of the key figures behind Dayglo Presents which includes Brooklyn Bowl, The Rock and Roll Playhouse, Relix, and more.


Backline is a company everyone in the music industry should know about. Founded in 2019, Backline is a non-profit that facilitates free or discounted mental health services to all members of the music business.

Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend is one of the most respected artists in the independent hip-hop scene. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he has been releasing music since 2016, and he has grown a massive fan base via his personal lyrics and self-produced beats. We caught up with Kota before his Flight Night show at Sony Hall in July.

Sidney Bird

Sidney Bird brings southern pop style, but with New York energy. She’s stopping at Chelsea Music Hall on November 5th. We caught up with Bird before she hit the stage at the Turk’s Inn and learned more about her journey through the industry.

Open Mike Eagle

You can’t put Open Mike Eagle in a box. From his eclectic musical catalog, to his time on TV, to the several podcasts he hosts, Mike has experienced it all over his 15 year career. We caught up with him on Elsewhere’s roof to hear more about all of his endeavors.

Fabio Luigi

Since he was young, Fabio Luigi has been cultivating his love for music, dance, and energy. The Brazilian DJ has been slowly building his fanbase, and these days you can catch him playing a wild party in a different country almost every weekend. We caught his electric set at Planet Pride in June.

Josh Fudge

Back in June, we caught up with one of the most exciting young artists in the indie pop scene, Josh Fudge. At just 19 years old, the Oklahoma City native has already made waves in the industry and dropped his second studio album, Technicolor, earlier this year.