Joe Kelley

Joe Kelley knows what’s hot, well before the rest of us. The Massachusetts-bred founder, music manager, PR wizard, and community builder is always at the forefront of the latest music trends, industry news, and emerging talent


Hailing from Drogheda, a small town in Ireland, the four-piece indie-pop/rock band, modernlove., recently embarked on their first cross-country headline tour. The foursome kicked things off in New York–selling out Mercury Lounge–with stops along the east and west coasts and a visit to SXSW in between

Cody Celestin

Cody Celestin’s got the mic, and he’s here to share it. The label manager, writer, musician, rapper, creator, and emcee extraordinaire brings people together, creating community and bringing creativity to life. His band, The Café Music Group, not only plays shows but also puts on The Cafe Open Mic, an open mic night that provides a safe space and platform for up and coming artists in the city to express themselves, from live music to poetry to writing and more.

Billy Tibbals

Billy Tibbals NYC Racket

With only three released singles, Billy Tibbals is charting his path in the rock ‘n’ roll scene. Originally hailing from London, Billy moved to Hollywood in 2014, a place that shaped his perspective and sound. Since graduating from high school during the pandemic, Billy refined his craft, composing music in his parents’ garage and combining his love of rock and melodic pop.

The Floozies

Guitarist Matt and drummer Mark are two funky bros–literally. The Hills hail from Lawrence, Kansas and have been making music together as the electro funk duo, the Floozies, since 2008. From making songs using a loop station and playing in their parents’ basement to going on sold out cross-country tours, playing some of the biggest festivals, and playing their dream venues, the Floozies’ success is evident in their commitment to bringing fresh, groovy vibes to every single show, without a set list. Mix one part funk with another part electronica, then add some jam, jazz, dub, a talk box, and some (epic) lasers, and you get a live music party that you never want to leave.

Sara Yun

“Let the music of your life give life back to music.”


Saleka Shyamalan is no stranger to performing. Growing up playing classic piano, she spent her childhood performing in recitals, with her piano teacher and an orchestra at Philly’s renowned Kimmel Hall by the age of 10. It was around the same time that Saleka went to her first concert, a Beyoncé show, which was a birthday gift from her parents.