LF System

Back at one of our favorite rooms and dance floors in all of NYC, The Hall at Elsewhere, LF System brought the vibes to a sold out debut show in Brooklyn to close out their US tour. The Scottish duo–Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan–shared The Hall with 4AM NYC, while OSSX and BASSBEAR!! held it down in Zone One and Motel Club lifted up The Loft.
The captivating quartet has crafted a unique sound that effortlessly blends their sun-drenched pop with a vibrant ska influence, characterized by intricate horn arrangements, synthesizers, and electronic elements that make for a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Krasno/Moore Project

On Sunday, March 16, we sat down for a treat: an incredible trio at the legendary Greenwich Village jazz club, Blue Note. The sold out show was full with eclectic groovers–from solo rockers, to lovers, to families, to Eric Krasno’s own mother.  

Parov Stelar

Snow and salt ridden streets guided the path as an eclectic group of music lovers made their way through East Williamsburg to Brooklyn Steel. For the crowd–young and old, dressed in black to rainbow–the cold air would only be a temporary vibe as everyone entered the beloved Brooklyn venue. 

Magic City Hippies

Music brings us to our feet literally, figuratively, and spiritually. It inspires us to rise up to our day’s trials and tribulations, and on a larger scale, the world’s challenges. Through an unspoken sonic communion between three distinct musical identities, SunSquabi, rouse us from inactivity and into action when we need the extra push through their signature live electronica sound.