Hannah Wicklund

Hannah Wicklund is a female artist who does it all; playing electric guitar with powerful riffs and intricate solos, all while wearing a tiara. Her latest album titled, The Prize, was released on January 12th and she began her Hell In The Hallway World Tour tour just a month later on February 20th, beginning in North Carolina, and will be touring through June. We were able to catch her on her New York City stop at The Mercury Lounge on February 28th. 

Yam Haus

High energy pop band, Yam Haus, has been branching out from their home state of Minnesota and touring across the nation. The band includes Lars Pruitt (vocals), Zach Beinlich (guitar), Jake Felstow (drums), and touring bassist Isaac Levy. Yam Haus’ music is meant to feel electric – there’s a natural groove in their songs that easily translates to the body. It’s the soundtrack to the coming-of-age movie that is your life.

The Thing

Brooklyn-based band, The Thing, is a group so magnetic that with one listen, you’ll be hooked on their rock ‘n’ roll forever. The four-piece band includes Zane Acord (lead singer and bass), Jack Bradley (guitar), Michael Carter (guitar), and Lucas Ebeling (drums). We first talked to the band on the night of the release of their debut album, Here’s The Thing, at their sold-out Baby’s All Right gig. Since our first conversation, The Thing have been on a cross country tour, which continues until the middle of November. 

Strawberry Launch

With their high energy shows, electric sound and engaging presence, Strawberry Launch is set to become New York City’s next big indie band. The genre bending band consists of five members: Riiza (vocals), Matrianna Gahol (guitar), Abby Flicker (bass), Taylor Hurt (Keys), Benjy Berkowitz (drums.) Through hard work and practice they honed their skills and are now able to experiment with a multitude of sounds from all of the instruments. Their high energy music includes addicting guitar riffs, hypnotizing drum beats and synths, as well as lyrics you’ll be singing for days after.

Tim Atlas

Alternative singer, Tim Atlas, brought down the house with a sold out performance at The Mercury Lounge on September 15th. This show was the second stop on his tour and close to his heart as he has recently resided in Brooklyn. Atlas released his debut album in 2013 and has been making music ever since. His newest release, Le Soir, a six song album that came out in 2023, is also the title of his headline tour. 


The Telescreens may be young, but they’re rising on a fast trajectory to stardom. Based out of New York, the four piece band includes Jackson Hamm (vocals and guitar), Austin Brenner (bass), Josiah Valerius (keys and synth), and Oliver Graf (drums). The Telescreens’ sound is classic rock with a twist, made unique by their alternative addition of keys and synth.

Above the Sun

Hailing from Staten Island, Above The Sun are an emerging band with a classic rock sound and lyrics that always paint a story. The band includes Mattew Barouch (vocals and rhythm), Shaun Gold (lead guitar), Omar Chowdhury (bass), and Gary Boardman (drums). Their sound is rooted in classic rock, but with a modern twist.

Post Sex Nachos

The Nashville-based indie group, Post Sex Nachos, are as polished as seasoned musical veterans, but have a distinct youthful vibe. Their sound is intermixed with hints of pop, rock, and funk. Listening to their music is like taking a journey through your youth and picking up different meanings and messages through each song along the way.

The Thing

With only four singles under their belt, Brooklyn-based band, The Thing, already sold out Baby’s All Right for their Here’s The Thing album release party.

The Criticals

the criticals nyc brooklyn made

The Nashville-based rock band, The Criticals, were proudly standing on stage in the middle of their sound check. They stood out in front of the mid-century modern pattern on the stage’s back wall while patiently embracing the process. The band includes Parker Forbes (lead vocals), Cole Shugart (lead guitar), J. Rudolfo Rosas (rhythm guitar), David Michael Meadows (bass guitar), and Tyelen Gibbs (drums).