So who is Eggy? Some say they’re the next Phish. Others say they’re the next Goose. In our opinion, they’re all wrong. Eggy is 100% their own experience, putting a fresh stamp on the scene with a unique sound and a virtuosic questing jams that rival the best in the business.

For those who have been following Eggy for a while (hello to the Yolk Folk out there!), this show will likely mark a threshold in their memories for the band. Already this year, the group has been on a tear that is turning heads and pulling others into “the carton.” But this evening saw the band ascend to a new level that left more than a few of us brimming with excitement for their future.

High Time

The five-piece band, made up of Pete Tonti (lead guitar/vocals), Michael O’Neill (rhythm guitar/vocals), James Preston (bass/vocals), Kevin Uehlinger (keys/vocals), and Adam Kriney (drums/vocals), delivered classic song after classic song across two sets. The band focused on the first decade of the Grateful Dead’s music, and we were treated to tunes including “Jack Straw,” “Friend of the Devil,” “Playing in the Band,” “Truckin,” “The Other One,” and “Wharf Rat.” The veteran musicians deftly accomplished the somewhat elusive goal of a tribute band: providing a familiar touchstone for long-time fans while also bringing their personal sound to the stage.

The South Hill Experiment

The South Hill Experiment is the brainchild of two brothers, Baird (guitar) and Gabe (keys) Acheson, who were joined live by Tim McNalley (bass), Mano Ruiz (drums), and Ryan “Buck” Raines (drums). Writing and recording from their minimalist studio on South Hill Street in Los Angeles, the brothers seek to create music that swerves away from the algorithm-pandering hit machine that seems all too prominent in the LA music scene. To do this, they let their music emerge from a series of long and spontaneous jam sessions, taking the kernels that are born from this and crafting them into songs.