Crystal Desai

Crystal Desai knows how healing and transformative live music can be. Since moving to New York, the Florida native has been building her professional and personal life supporting the power of live music. Currently, she is working with the music tech startup, HiFi Labs, a creative incubator and artist mentorship collective that leverages technology to build and support artists communities. During the pandemic, after a live music hiatus, she was eager to find other ways to support artists in NY, so she created the concert series, Willo, where artists and fans can come together for an intimate show focused on the music. 

Dan Melnick

Dan Melnick brings great music to life. The entrepreneur, concert producer, professor, and artist, understands the power of human connection through art. His passion for concerts has driven his career: First, without a background in the music industry, he started TurnStyle Music Group, a music booking and promotional agency spanning four cities. Today, he’s General Manager at Sonicbids, an online platform that connects bands, music promoters and major brands. Over the course of his career, Dan has booked over 6,000 artists and 2,000 concerts, so needless to say, he’s an expert. He also teaches Concert Promotion at the Roc Nation School of Music, sharing his extensive knowledge with the next generation and building a legacy that’s here to last.

Brett Wachtel

Brett Wachtel builds community and connection through harnessing a shared passion for music. The journalist, photographer, manager and founder understands the way music can become a safe haven and often create a transformative experience. Songs and lyrics can change your life, and Brett’s work encompasses all aspects of music, both past and present, in his personal and professional lives. From managing the five-piece rock band, Uncle Skunk, to creating an epic music Instagram blog, FN Good Music, to putting on events, and curating fire playlists, he really does it all. And it’s FN good!


Listening to TEKE::TEKE’s music is like taking a euphoric, exhilarating, and spontaneous sound journey. From pure psych rock to whimsical flutes to head bobbing percussion and jammy brass, their set will make you understand that old cliché, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”