Me + Nobody are a band in their infancy, having only assembled less than one year ago. The hype surrounding this band is tangible, and they’re receiving early recognition through Spotify playlist placements and buzz on multiple popular music blogs. Their limited experience certainly didn’t hold them back, as the quartet seemed poised and ready to deliver a memorable performance.


Specialists NYC Brooklyn Made

Specialists brought their unique blend of funk and dance-rock to Brooklyn Made last Friday night, following strong opening performances by Will Leet and Bentley Robles. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of Specialists’ sound is their distinct lack of one single lead vocalist. Instead, the group is bolstered by two equally strong singers in co-founders Mikey Rotunno (bass) and Will Harden (guitar), who took turns leading the crowd through their cleverly written songs.


lespecial provides that in the form of heavy, hard-hitting licks that draw influence from metal and punk rock music. The group has risen to prevalence within the jam scene in large part due to their willingness to offer up mosh-worthy songs that still leave room for free-flowing improvisation.


Sunsquabi jam band

Music brings us to our feet literally, figuratively, and spiritually. It inspires us to rise up to our day’s trials and tribulations, and on a larger scale, the world’s challenges. Through an unspoken sonic communion between three distinct musical identities, SunSquabi, rouse us from inactivity and into action when we need the extra push through their signature live electronica sound.

Thievery Corporation

You know your friend who’s well-travelled, chic, intelligent, tasteful–basically just hip as fuck? Thievery Corporation is the musical equivalent of that friend. Complete with their signature set-up (an elevated DJ booth perched behind a leather couch) the group took the stage in front of a seated crowd who didn’t stay seated for very long

Leven Kali

Blame it on the full moon that illuminated the Brooklyn streets that evening–the energy was elevated from the very beginning. As fans continued to pour in, Kali led the crowd in a soulful catharsis on songs.