Aston Barrett Jr. of The Wailers

Bob Marley was once quoted as saying, “I have a BMW. But only because BMW stands for Bob Marley and The Wailers, and not because I need an expensive car.” As integral as Marley was to reggae music and Rastafari culture, his band, The Wailers, accompanied him as pioneers of the genre which helped to bring visibility to Jamaican music. 42 years on from the passing of the reggae icon, his music and message are still very much alive with this most recent rendition of The Wailers. The group is now led by Aston Barrett Jr., the son of legendary Wailer, Aston ‘Familyman’ Barrett Sr.

Stolen Gin

Having started out as a couple of college guys playing music at NYU rooftop parties, Stolen Gin has blossomed into one of the buzziest jam bands on the scene. The dance-funk quintet is known for its high-energy live acts and avid improvisation which have cemented them as ones to look out for.

Doom Flamingo

What happens when you combine a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element to songwriting with Miami Beach poolside lounge-vibes, and contrast that with eerie dark-synth notes and tones (*queue Ross Bogan*)? The product is Doom Flamingo, a jammin’ sextet that hails from Charleston, South Carolina.


Since its inception almost two decades ago ago, the electronic-rock fusion duo, BoomBox, has blossomed into a mainstay of the jam music scene. With a couple personnel alterations along the way, the most recent iteration of BoomBox consists of lead vocalist/guitarist and founding member, Zion Rock Godchaux, and DJ/Producer, Kinsman MacKay. The two are self-described as “brothers from the same mother.”