By Sarah Stacki | June 12, 2024
📸: shot by Mark Cartier

Glass Beams, a Melbourne-based trio, have quickly garnered attention for their distinctive blend of psychedelic, funk, and world music influences – however, they continue to remain somewhat of an enigma. Not only does the band perform in masks, but the members have also remained anonymous (save for founding member, Rajan Silva), letting their music and performances speak louder than any personal fame could. This choice to hide their identities adds a layer of intrigue to the band’s persona, and invites listeners to focus on the sonic adventure rather than the personalities behind it.

Last week, Knockdown Center, with its raw, expansive space, provided the perfect backdrop for Glass Beams’ immersive soundscapes. The anticipation from the crowd was palpable as the venue transformed into a vibrant, otherworldly realm for the night’s psychedelic journey.

Glass Beams took the stage shrouded in their signature mystery, donning intricately beaded masks and pulling the audience in with ethereal vocals and the familiar riff of “Mirage.” The interplay of Eastern melodies and driving bass lines created a hypnotic groove that set the tone for the night. From the moment they began, it was clear that this was not just a concert, but a multi-sensory experience. With hypnotic rhythms and layered instrumentation, the band created a captivating atmosphere dripping of psychedelia, where the boundaries between audience and performer blurred. Imagine the pulsating beats of 70s funk melding with the mesmerizing patterns of South Asian sitar riffs, all wrapped in a dreamy, otherworldly vibe. 

As the night continued, Glass Beams showcased their ability to seamlessly integrate different cultural sounds into a cohesive musical narrative. Drawing inspiration from various cultures and musical traditions, songs like “Black Sand” and “Kong” blend elements from traditional Indian rhythms with Western psychedelia and Australian surf rock. The lighting was equally impressive, accompanying the rich musical tapestry and creating an enveloping environment that felt like stepping into a different dimension. Knockdown Center’s disco ball dazzled as the misty lighting danced around the room and the crowd locked into a trance-like state.

The audience at Knockdown Center was a testament to Glass Beams’ growing appeal. A diverse mix of fans, from seasoned concertgoers to curious newcomers, came together to experience the band’s unique sound. Throughout the night, the crowd moved as one, swaying to the rhythms and losing themselves in the music. Between songs, the band members bowed to the audience with hands folded in prayer, perhaps a nod to the band’s philosophy that music is a shared journey, not a solo spotlight.

Glass Beams’ performance at Knockdown Center was a musical voyage, and we’re excited to see where the band is headed next. Despite their anonymity, Glass Beams will not remain elusive for long. In fact, the mystery that surrounds the band seems to be an invitation. Glass Beams allows the music to take center stage, creating a communal experience where the only identity that matters is the collective rhythm shared by everyone in the room. 

Connect with Glass Beams on Instagram, Spotify, TikTok and their website.

📸: shot by Mark Cartier

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