Scotch Mist

Prepare to dive into a world of funky bass lines, dreamy synths, and nostalgic vocals with Scotch Mist. The New York-based group is known for combining psychedelic, disco, funk, and indie-rock elements to create a full and unique sound that we got to experience at the Elsewhere rooftop last week, where they opened for acclaimed R&B dance fusion project 79.5. 


Last week, French folk-pop singer, Pomme, brought the crowd at Webster Hall to tears with her raw delivery of gorgeous melodies and ethereal vocals. The multi-instrumentalist performed completely alone, her command of six instruments lending a genuine and authentic feel to her straight-from-the-heart performance. Born and raised in France, Pomme’s songs are mostly in her native language, but she made sure to cater to the audience by speaking English between songs, and her interactions with the crowd were inviting, humorous, and welcoming.